Talk 4 Writing

Research evidence suggests  the following are the most effective strategies to improve students writing:


  1. Explicit instruction
  2. Abstract concepts are made concrete
  3. Emphasis on fluency of Writing
  4. Present skills in a cumulative and sequential manner
  5. Develop meta-cognition to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills


The underlying principals of talk for writing are:


  1. Provide a Model: teachers systematically model the speaking, listening, vocabulary and sentence patterns the students need
  2. Use oral rehearse: students internalise the pattern of the language required by talking the text before they write it.
  3. Make the learning visible : the work created during the progress of a unit is clearly displayed
  4. Co-construct the learning: students are involved in activities that deepen their understanding making them independent thinkers and writers.


The Three Stages of Talk 4 Writing are:


  1. Imitate
  2. Innovate
  3. Invent


At Eddystone Primary we have marked students work using Brightpath, a software package that enables teachers to match their students work with calibrated exemplars. The performance descriptors support teachers in understanding key features of the students writing development.