Visible Learning

We are a visible learning school.


Eddystone Primary School utilizes the research of Doctor John Hattie not only to increase the visibility with which students learn, but to measure the impact we have as teachers.  We are in collaborative partnership with a range of key stake holders in the project, including a number of schools across networks, businesses and parents from the community.


Our visible learners are encouraged to think deeply about their learning journey. A visible learner can articulate their learning journey and use a set of strategies to be a successful learner, where they are, where they are going and how to get there.


Our students are to embody six key learning dispositions during their learning activities. We ask them to be creative, take risks, show resilience, be communicative, demonstrate perseverance and be self-motivated.


We invite you to ask your child about their learning journey. A visible learner talks about what they are learning.


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