Children, on many occasions, take home work given by the their class teacher. This may range from reading a few pages of a reading book in the junior grades, to set assignments or completion of class room work in the senior grades. The key to a successful homework program is parent interest and support. We encourage all children to read every night as a minimum expectation. The school has Karate Reading program which is an incentive program that rewards children for reading every night.

The basic reason for homework is to:

  • Consolidate current learning
  • Complete unfinished class work
  • Develop students' task commitment
  • Develop independence in learning
  • Develop appropriate study and research skills

Homework and Parents

For the best homework results a rapport between teachers and parents should be developed.

Parents are requested to:

  • Establish a routine and time for the completion of homework.
  • Provide a quiet work area away from the television.
  • Show a genuine interest in the work and encourage the child.
  • Contact the class teacher as soon as any difficulty arises.