Positive Behaviour Support 2018

We ask our school community to click on the link below to view our new school positive behaviour expectations which will be implemented in 2015. After a long process, staff have created a set of behaviour expectations that are positive, observable and measurable. These expectations will be explicitly addressed by teachers with the students in 2015 and will be linked to our current value characters who will support the encouragement of these behaviours. We are currently looking for a creative name to refer to our behaviour encouragement system, one that reflects our values and becomes identifiable across the school community as we reward students who meet the behaviour expectations. So get thinking and send in your ideas. Click below to view our new behaviour statements and expectations.

Eddystone Primary School Behaviour Expectations


Year 1 students with their message balloons. Inside each balloon is a friendly message.

I wonder where the balloon will end up?


Year 7 students made fantastic posters that we will display around our school.

Great work guys!


Year 4 students making 'Bullying No Way', orange iced cup cakes! Yummy!!