School Psychologist

A School Psychologist supports the school for 2 days per week.


The service provides support for students considered at risk academically, socially or behaviourally. Issues of academic, social and emotional concerns for students may require School Psychologist intervention and support. Further specialist intervention can be referred by the school psychologist to external professionals or agencies to support the student's needs in some cases.


Teachers with concerns about students are able to access the service and a case conference involving the School's Student Services Manager, School Psychologist, Class Teacher and Parents will be convened to discuss the relevant issues. From this initial confidential case conference, a plan for any required support which in some cases may be referrals to other agencies will be developed.


Our philosophy is based on involving all stakeholders to ensure relevant information is gathered and a collaborative plan of action implemented to support the student. All meetings are confidential and where necessary parent permission is required for some assessments and referrals to other supporting agencies.


The school psychologist also provides the school with support for teachers in the development of Individual Education Plans, Behaviour Modification Plans and information and materials on a range of learning and behaviour issues.


Parents can request an appointment with the School Psychologist to discuss confidentially academic or emotional issues that may be of concern for their child or impacting on them at home or school. Please contact the school on 9406 5100 to arrange an appointment.