Eddystone Primary School offers LOTE French to Years 1-6. The program incorporates a wide range of student centered language learning strategies and cultural experiences. The emphasis of the program is on the spoken language – conducted through games, songs, stories, projects and role-play, as well as reading and writing. Through learning French children are also given an insight into the culture and customs of France and the 32 francophone countries in the world. A French bilingual puppet show will regularly come to the school to present bilingual fairy tales.


With more than a third of English vocabulary coming from French the knowledge of the French language also facilitates a better understanding of English.


The Australian Curriculum for French will start to be used in 2018 for the Year One, Two and Three students.


Programs are implemented to develop student performance in all areas of their language skills as well as helping to enhance student interest and participation in LOTE.


Andre Dumbolard
French Teacher