School Contributions and Charges

1.     Voluntary Contributions

These funds are voluntary and spent on school resources.  All funds will go to the various phase of learning teams in the school. The school also provides student subsidies for some transport charges, performances and programs, and whole school activities.

        Kindergarten to Year Six - $60 per child 

For more details, click on the link applicable to your child's year group.

2017 Contributions and Charges - Kindy & Pre-primary

2017 Contributions and Charges - Years One to Six

2.     Personal Items - for personal use in the educational program

Student stationery requirements. Purchases of book lists through Office Max is optional, but they donate a percentage of sales to the school and their stationery items are of good quality and at a reasonable price.


We aim to keep the cost under $100 for parents.


All classes will need some or all of the following items - Library Bag, Tissues, Paper Towel, Cake of Soap, Water Bottle. 


School of Instrumental Music (SIM) students can access enrolment details here.


School Diaries are available in 2017 - the cost is $20